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The Prophetic Revolution

The Prophetic Revolution

What is the Prophetic Revolution?

God’s desire for the whole earth to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God is bringing about an explosive manifestation of the prophetic gift worldwide. God has been expressing His will in the earth through prophetic utterances and revelation among men since ancient times.

But today more than ever many are operating in the gift of prophecy all over the world. This is happening in several churches and ministries around the world. However, I am intimately aware of the prophetic mantle that has been released on the Harvest Army Church International, the church body that I am a part of, under the  leadership of Bishop K. D. Collins. There are four ways God is using common men and women in this prophetic movement:

  1. Regular Prophetic Utterances -  During local church services, but can also occur in any arena as the Spirit moves.

  2. Prophetic Revelation - of the future, present, or past being released both in verbal word, writing and digital media with quick, multiple fulfillments and confirmations.

A sister in the Harvest Army Church that at the time was only a Christian for about two years received a revelation in a vision of an underwater volcano erupting. This revelation upon being tested was published on the Harvest Army Church International website on March 6, 2013. The fulfillment of this was posted on June 26, 2013 where an underwater volcano was reported from India. Later other developments were posted on September 6, 2013 ( The revelation was given by a believer who has only been saved and coming to church for two years.

Prophetic Utterance and Prophetic Revelation can operate together. Put differently, God may use prophetic utterance as the vehicle through which he delivers a prophetic revelation. This took place with my wife in her early Christian years. The following is an account of the event in the words of my wife, Pastor Guerline Reid:

The Holy spirit was heavy within the service and people were crying out to God for his anointing. Being only a young convert the preacher called me to come to the altar. I looked both ways as if to say “he must be calling on someone else and he looked and pointed at me and asked me to come. I did not understand it all  but I went to the altar. As the preacher opened his mouth and said the glory of the Lord is upon this one and laid his hands upon me, I saw fire coming from his hand and inside of me. Because I did not know how to handle the power of God I jumped and cried out glory over and over again. When I opened my eyes I was at a different location of the church and I was shaking with the power of God. Immediately I heard a voice speaking to me, I knew it was the Lord. The voice said go to your aunt’s house; there is a spirit of death in her house and I want you to go pray in her house. I immediately told this to two other who accompanied me to her house. As we entered the house I started crying and wailing and warning her of what the Lord said would come if she did not set her house in order. The Lord revealed a plan that her boyfriend had to destroy her through the spirit of witchcraft. As I prophesied to her the spirit of the Lord filled the room and the other two young ladies started to speak in tongues as I continued to prophecy under the power of God. I spoke in tongues for the very first time. That night the Lord continued to be upon me heavily. The Lord continued to teach me through his words and as I prayed the Lord would reveal the hidden secret of others.

3. Prophetic Revelation being released during street ministry, witnessing, and evangelistic outreach.

God will reveal secrets of the person’s life that you may be sharing the gospel with. This can convict the hearer that God is truly speaking to them.

4, Personal Prophetic Revelation for Life Decisions

There are many examples of personal prophetic revelation for personal guidance. Surely God speaks to his people on an individual basis. Often God will give the believer a sense of peace, a nudging guidance, a prompting in a certain direction. But God also directs his people through dreams, visions, word of knowledge and other revelations. In this time when God is pouring out his Spirit, these manifestations will become even more prevalent. God is giving prophetic revelations to guide his people in decisions for marriage, ministry, career, businesses and more.

This explosion of prophetic gifting manifests itself among people of all ages. Beyond the clergy, laymen, boys and girls are operating in the gift of prophecy and receiving prophetic revelation. I have seen pre-teens, teenagers, and adults release prophetic utterances under the power of the Spirit of God. Hundreds of prophetic revelations have been given by everyday members of the church that has been fulfilled. In addition, I have personally experienced regular church members give prophetic revelations that personally impacted my life. For example in 2014, a fairly new member of the church I pastor had a revelation seeing my car in a near collision with another vehicle; he told me to be careful while driving. Within only a few days, I was driving on the highway and a vehicle in front of me seemed to be out of control. I had slowed my driving taking heed to the prophetic revelation that was given. I had the collision, but my family and I were completely safe.

Beyond this, at our website at there are many prophetic revelations spoken by laymen that have been fulfilled over and over again.

However, this phenomenon is not limited to members of the Harvest Army Church. Rather, this is the generation upon which God is pouring out of his Spirit, and this outpouring is bringing about a prophetic revolution in our time.

Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

This Prophetic Revolution is:

  1. For All People - The Spirit of Prophecy will be poured out upon people from all over the world from every culture. “All Flesh” means all people groups from every culture, language, and nation. This is already happening as believers from different cultures are prophesying by the power of God.

  2. For Male and Female - The Spirit of Prophecy is poured upon males and females alike. Women are prophesying as well as men. In fact to emphasize that this is for both male and female, God repeats it in verse 29 of Joel when he says, and on your “servants” and “handmaids” he will pour out his Spirit. Servants are male servants; handmaids are female servants. God wanted to ensure that it is understood that the prophetic outpouring will take place on both biological sexes. Wise church leaders will release women to walk in the Spirit of Prophecy.

  3. For Young and Old - The outpouring is taking place across multiple generations - children, young, middle-aged, and old. Both young and old will be receiving prophetic revelation in this time. We are witnessing teenagers, young adults, and even small children uttering prophetically and receiving prophetic revelation. Wise church leaders will cultivate even young children to prophesy under the power of God.

  4. For Rich and Poor - The outpouring is taking place across all social classes. This is not limited to the wealthy, nor is it just among the less wealthy. But across all communities with people from multiple career backgrounds, the spirit of prophecy is being outpoured.

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