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Women of Revival Part 1

Women of Revival Part 1

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[00:00:02] Bishop Reid Greetings. This is Bishop Reid. And this is Episode two of Arrows of Revival. And today we're going to be talking to you about Women of Revival with my wife Reverent Reid. She's now been preaching the gospel for many years. She received the Lord in the 1990s and we got married in 1997 and I've admired her over the years as she's been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has traveled to numerous countries preaching the gospel on the continent of Africa in South America in Central America and other parts of the world the Caribbean. She has gone and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and God has been using her as a woman of revival. Rev. Reid: Yes that's right and I humbly receive what Bishop Reid's words. You know one of the things I love about the Bible is that the Bible is so direct in whatever that it says is very very direct. You know one of the verses that I love in Isaiah 32 verse 9 This is rise up ye women that is a reminder that God want women to rise up. And you know in our culture. You know women are rising up in so many different parts. You know we see women rise up in politics we see women rising up in you know in so many different realm of life. But you know in the church you know even see. so I've traveled all over the world and you can see that women is not preaching the gospel. Bishop Reid: You know not as much. Rev. Reid: Yes that's right. That they're not preaching the gospel as much. 

[00:01:52] Pastor Reid You see them in the background you see them doing all different kind of things. But you know for them to really really take hold of the gospel we have not really seen that as yet. 

[00:02:04] Bishop Reid Or they may not be as active in different ministry roles or other areas of leadership. 

[00:02:11] Pastor Reid Right. Right. So because of that you know the Bible knows that you know women need to rise up in this time and God knows that women need to rise up in this time. And so what what would God what God want for now is for women to really really rise up and preach the gospel what you know if women don't rise up and preach the gospel then the revival will not be as strong. You know we need women to rise up woman is the womb you know. So the womb have to basically be active. You have to have an active womb you know the church is a womb and so a woman is womb for the revival and in order for the revival to really take root until really really come out the way God intended to. Women really have to rise up and preach the gospel. In the book of Genesis it talks about Eve and how you know she you know the enemy came and deceived her. And you know and God said God gave her a promise God said you know would this her seed will bruise the head of the enemy. 

[00:03:27] Pastor Reid And what we're seeing is that  women from that prophecy in it really was a prophetic word  that God was speaking on her because God knows God knows that the things that women would be dealing with all throughout time and throughout the centuries. So God was really saying to her even though those that the enemy came in basically did this thing to you your seed. And that's the important thing here. The seed of a woman shall bruise the head of the enemy and that alone you know should should have women you know know that there is a seed of revival in you there's always a seed inside of you you know to to to preach the Gospel and to rise up into what God is calling us to do and you know like I said before we've got I've gone you know to at least a dozen countries or more. What you're seeing is women are active but they're not you know they're not really preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and as much as women are not preaching the gospel as much as women. Yeah they're now preaching the gospel as much. And so what we want to see you know for women to rise up and preach preach the gospel in this time and You know we have some but also we have a lot of example a woman there have done that. We have had throughout the century we have had some woman that have you know preach the gospel and God used them mightily. We have Aimee McPherson in this last century we have Kathryn Kuhlman and you know in so many different women and even today we have some a woman they have risen. But I think that God is not looking for you know for one woman or two women to rise up that is looking for women in general also saying you know I am. 

[00:05:15] Pastor Reid I am also an arrow of revival and I can rise up in preach the gospel. Now you don't. You know you know when I talk about some of these women some of these women had preaching healing ministries and miracle ministries and such. But you know God how so much more for us then  than that. If a woman is to just really take a hold of the Gospel and preach the gospel we will see a manifestation like we have never seen before across the world. And these women were just like you know how do you say they just will act more like a symbol a symbol of what God wants to do with women across the world. You know Catherine Kuhlman was a great woman and Aimee McPherson was a great woman. And Maria Ether and all these women they were great women. But the thing is that God wants us you know those of us that is that is children of God women that have been you know press down and been held back. God really really want us to take hold of what is happening you know Aimee McPherson said it best. One time I was listening to one of her sermons and then she made this statement which you know I love when I was kept in mind is one of the things she said is that I wish all of you would do what I'm doing you know to to rise up in really he said she said if everybody was to rise up like I've risen up and do it in and heal all these people. Imagine if there's thousands of us doing this thing. 

[00:06:49] Pastor Reid You know healing the sick in and so on t 

[00:06:52] Bishop Reid So you talking about Aimee McPherson 

[00:06:53] Pastor Reid Yes. 

[00:06:54] Bishop Reid So who was Aimee McPherson

[00:06:57] Aimee McPherson was a mighty evangelist in the late eighteen hundreds and the early nineteen hundreds. Is she really really God raised her up as a mighty evangelist and she heal she had just a very powerful healing ministry and people would just follow her all over the place you know. So she came back. 

[00:07:27] Bishop Reid So she was like a healing evangelist Yeah. In the early nineteen hundreds. Yes. OK. And then what happened. 

[00:07:35] Pastor Reid And she just went around the place. When she first started her ministry she just you know she was a very theatrical person the  theatrical person said there be a theatrical process she will just go out with her tambourine and be like you know telling people who you know look you know look up and then as they look up she will sing songs in there she would have not followed her to her tent. And before you know it her tent tt was just full of people. People were getting healed people were getting delivered and God just use this woman in such a mighty way she was such a simple 

[00:08:09] Bishop Reid well she was the start of the Four Square Church. 

[00:08:11] Pastor Reid Yes yes which still is going on today. Very very strong. They have branches all over the world. So this woman God used her in such a mighty mighty way for for the glory of God. And you know today God wants to take women and really really use them. 

[00:08:31] Pastor Reid This was a symbol to show what God can do through a woman in so many different people like so many I just use her. There are so many different. You there that have used throughout the centuries to really really make a mark in the world. And so woman you know we we have to understand that God has given us a give and if we say that and we apply the word of God to it there is nothing that we won't be able to do once we apply. Well that has given us. And you know when we are women of revival you know women of revival you know don't take no for an answer. Woman of revival you know they are troopers they march on the move on. You know they have their eyes on the prize. They don't give up. You know they just keep on moving to do the will of God and the work of the Lord. And you know Jesus Christ had these women around here as well. You know he had Mary Magdalene on and in so many different women that really really stood up you know and Jesus was so such a radical when it came to woman and raising them up. I mean Jesus Christ did such a great job raising women up in really pulling out the gift that's within them and pulling it out and me in and in bringing them to a whole different level of what God want them to do. And these women when Jesus died on the cross you can see that the seed of  revival was inside of them. They are the one that went and sought him. You know when all the men flee nothing against men. 

[00:10:14] Pastor Reid Well you know when all the women flee it was when it was the woman that basically stood their ground and went to seek out the Lord. And one of the most powerful things about the resurrection of Jesus Christ is that you know he then you know he then goes he didn't send the men you know to tell anybody that he is risen was a woman. It was a woman that Rose Jesus spoke to and said go tell my disciples that you know I have risen. 

[00:10:46] Bishop Reid It was Mary Magdalene. 

[00:10:47] Pastor Reid Yes Mary Magdalene exactly she was the one that rose up and you know in were until the disciples that Jesus Christ have risen. And they're also powerful. 

[00:10:58] Bishop Reid You know I'm glad you brought up Aimee McPherson because God used Aimee McPherson to raise up a church Foursquare Church that has branches around the world have reached millions of people. And this was started by a woman. I'm glad you brought that up. Just to throw in a little controversy here. There are some that believe women cannot pastor a woman can't be in any position of leadership in the church but there is examples from the Bible times to now of God using women to lead as pastors and other type of church leaders. From the Old Testament times, you had prophetesses such as Huldah who King Josiah sent officials from his kingdom King Josiah off of Israel to find out from Huldah what the Lord was saying and that was a prophetess that was a woman. You remember Deborah in the Book of Judges chapter 5. God used Deborah to be a judge over Israel. 

[00:11:59] Bishop Reid These were women in the Old Testament God was using. You come to the New Testament and You have that husband and wife pair Aquila and Priscilla. God used the wife Priscilla to instruct and teach men. She was also seen to be a woman that was traveling to different churches. The house churches of the time preaching the gospel and she along with her husband was pastoring a church. And Lidya. Lidya right Lidya was also a church house pastor and other women in the Bible. The Bible also speaks of a woman apostle apostle Junia. In Romans Chapter 16. So these are different examples of women in leadership from Bible times. You mention Aimee McPhearson. You have Catherine Booth you have a Phoebe Palmer the matter of fact I have a quote right here from Phoebe Palmer because she was making a statement regarding how a lot of women were called to ministry feel about what some men are doing to stop them from ministry. This is what she said here in her book The Promise of the father. Let's talk about women she said. "But we feel that there is a wrong, a serious wrong affectingly cruel in its influences which has long been depressing the hearts of the most devotedly pious women and this wrong is inflicted by pious men many of whom we presume imagine that they are doing God's service in putting a seal upon the lips which God as commanded to speak". Here goes. God has commanded women to speak in this revival 

[00:13:50] Pastor Reid and she was such a bold woman for her to stand up in that time for her to say what she said. You know then that's what has happened.

[00:13:58] Pastor Reid You know women have become silent in the church. You know this is such a great opportunity to discuss women of the Bible and we will have more episodes. 

[00:14:13] Bishop Reid Yeah there we go talk about this and more. This is a lot more to get into regarding women of revival. I brought up Catherine Booth. Catherine Booth, she was the husband of the leader of the Salvation Army, wife. At first the husband did not want her to preach but she insisted and he started to allow her to preach. There is so much that can be said about a woman of revival. You have to tune in to the next episode to find out more. We thank you for tuning in another time. You can send us questions if you if you like. You can send this in any question you may have this go on our website. Our shows are and you'll see the link there for you to ask us any question again. God bless you. This is again Bishop Reid. And my wife Pastor Reid. I will see you in the next episode of our Arrows of Revival again you can go to our Web site  

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