God continues to shape us as arrows of His revival. One Word - One Prophetic Utterance - One Teaching can drastically change your life and ministry. We are making ourselves available to God to be a prophetic voice that will stir revival in this generation - to raise up the people of God to become arrows of revival.

Bishop Omaudi Reid and Reverend Guerline Reid have been married for over 20 years and have been working together in worldwide ministry as a part of the Harvest Army World Revival Movement. They have three children which are all active in ministry.

Bishop Reid and Rev. Reid has been dramatically impacted by the vision for world revival through the Harvest Army World Revival Movement. Bishop Reid sensed the call of God for ministry from a very young age, and have been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in different parts of the world since the age of 14. Since then he has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and Leadership from Beulah Heights University, a Masters degree in Education from Mercy College, and a certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from Regent University. He is currently the senior pastor of Harvest Army World Revival Arena in Bronx, NY. In addition, he is the international director of education for the Harvest Army Church International. He has written two books, No More Whacky Worship, and Creating Unbreakable Bonds. 

Rev. Guerline Reid has been preaching the gospel around the world for over 20 years. Recently, as a global ambassador in the Harvest Army World Revival movement she has been spreading the vision for world revival in Africa, South America, Central America,  and the Caribbean. She is the host pastor of Harvest Army God's Revival Arena in Brooklyn, NY. She has written two books, Grace for Single Parenting, and Soul-Saving Women.