Based in New York City, Bishop Reid and Pastor Reid discusses the people and instruments of revival n this weekly podast series, Arrows of Revival

Blessings of Church Attendance

Blessings of Church Attendance

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Local Church as a place of revival.

  • The importance of believers attending the local church.

  • 3 Blessings of regular church attendance, and

  • Why watching online church service cannot replace local church attendance.

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  1. What are the benefits of attending church regularly?

  2. How would you respond to common objections to regular church attendance?

  3. What is the duty of believer's in a local church?

  4. What is the right attitude to have toward church attendance?

  5. How frequently should you attend church?

  6. How can you find a local church?

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This book is great for:

  • Disciple-makers, teachers, and pastors to use as a tool for teaching new believers and new church members the importance of regular church attendance.

  • New believers looking for resources to continue to grow in Christ.

  • Any believer who wants to strengthen their commitment to church attendance.

Responding to Persecution

Responding to Persecution

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